Save baby Gavin

on November 25th, 2006 | Filed under General

I have recently found about this baby,named Gavin.

Gavin had kidney failure right from his birth[Feb 23rd 2006] and he needs a kidney transplant surgery to be done. It costs a lot of money (more than 200,000 US Dollars) and the parents are in need of help from all of us.

Take a look at this website, Save Baby Gavin when you have a minute.

Intense and just for spreading this message, I am releasing a new theme[Intense] with a link to this website in the footer.
You are not obligated to keep it and but if you do, It will help save baby Gavin in some way.


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  1. Hi Sadish and thank you very much for creating this beautiful theme and dedicating it Gavin. Check out as it’s now sportin the Intense theme.

  2. […] In addition to NigaRila, Sadish just recently created a new WordPress theme called Intense after learning about my wife’s first cousins son Gavin Winslow. Sadish was moved by Gavin’s story and decided to help by adding a link from his theme to Gavin’s site at This has resulted in Gavin’s site getting thousands of visits from people that normally wouldn’t know about Gavin. Thank you Sadish for helping raise awareness about Gavin’s story and bringing additional visibility to his site and creating a great WordPress theme in the process. […]

  3. Dear Sadish, first, congratulations for your great work in the Wordpres themes!

    I am with a HUGE problem. I am using your template to make a website to an african nom profit organization that workd with breastfeeding.

    They don’t have any kills on how to update a website using Dreamweaver or Frontpage, so I had the idea to create the site as a blog and then they would be able to update it easily using WordPress.

    The problem is that I had NEVER used WordPress, my forst time was three days ago! and I am suffering to adpat your template.

    After MANY problems, now it is looking very bad in some newest Internet Explorer versions, any idea what I did wrong?

    We would be eternally grateful if you can help us 🙂

  4. Sadish says:

    First of all,

    you posted on the wrong thread.

    your post should post any further responses into and some of your issues can be solved if you did what I suggested at comment.14 on that page.


  5. Jill Winslow says:

    Thank you Sadish for creating this for Gavin, its so beautiful and we always get compliments on it! Also, congrats on your new little addition, aren’t they precious!

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