Shame on this guy [ Resolved ]

on December 11th, 2006 | Filed under General

That guy has responded and removed my theme from his site, so it can be downloaded only from this site.
I also changed the license information page on this website to reflect some of the recent happenings.

Thanks to everyone who fought for us in this regard.

This guy took my themes and added his links in the footer and released it on his website.
I added many comments in his site, but still there are no replies. Thats why I am writing this post to expose him to you.

The site in question is [ Not Directly Linked, purposely]

Beware of this guy, and do not do any business with him, if you can. Tell him what he is doing is very wrong. If you are a theme author yourself, take a look at his site and see if he has stolen any of your themes.


2 Responses to “Shame on this guy [ Resolved ]”

  1. chrys says:

    These people make people like you give up on us! I’m tired of thieves. The last thing I’d do is remove a creator’s links. I even do a lot of creating and changing and STILL would never take away such kind credits. Geez!

  2. Melvin says:

    Hi Chrys

    Before you jump on the bandwagon, I DID NOT remove the links on the template crediting the author. All along, I always believe in CREDITING the author/originator for their works. It’s only fair. So, please do not accuse me as otherwise.

    The only thing I did, which the author did not like, was me making the file available for download directly at my website.


    – melvin