AquaBlue is another wordpress theme, that we are proudly adding to our collection of themes.

AquaBlue Medium Size Screenshot

Its a two-column,Fixed-Width, Widget-Ready wordpress 2.0 theme.

Key Features :

  1. Page Template for Archives Page
  2. Page Template for Contact Page
  3. Automatic Page Navigation
  4. Widgets Plugin Compatible
  5. 404 Not Found Page

It has many more features in the theme, that you can explore once you downloaded the theme.

Live Preview | Download Link



20 Responses to “AquaBlue”

  1. […] I am proud to annouce the release of a new theme. it is 2-column, widget-ready, fixed width theme. Visit AquaBlue now. […]

  2. […] For those that like minimalist themes, WP ThemePark’s Aqua series (Green and Blue) are for you. My favorite, AquaBlue, is a simple two column design with blue and white being its main colors. Its a two-column,Fixed-Width, Widget-Ready wordpress 2.0 theme. […]

  3. […] AquaBlue is as you might have imagined a blue, two column, fixed width theme. Its very nice looking, neat, formal, and has all the standard features you need – […]

  4. […] Next, about the theme… While browsing random WordPress theme sites (something I keep doing every now and then), I came across some great themes by Sadish Balasubramanian, which can be found at WP ThemePark. Trust me, this guy’s themes are GOOD. (So far, all the themes I’ve used on this blog – ShadedGrey and Green Track – have been made by him.) I really liked the colour of AquaBlue and the layout of Coffeespot, so I spent some time fusing the two, and what you see now is what I call Bluespot . I’ve checked out various pages… XHTML validates everywhere, the Archives page is neat, and the overall look and feel of the theme is fantastic. As of now, I think this theme is perfect (although I had to spend a considerable amount of time working on the CSS to make it just perfect) […]

  5. […] PS: On a sidenote, I recently changed the layout of the blog to something “less default” (here I’d like to sincerely thank Sadish Bala for making this great theme, which BTW is freely available from his website, among other themes for the WordPress blog system). I also removed the Google AdSense ads for now, cause I still haven’t decided on where and under what disguise to put them on the blog’s pages (any help here would be much appreciated). […]

  6. Jenny says:

    This is a very nice theme. I like the blue shaded colors. Thanks a lot!

  7. […] AquaBlue is yet another theme from WP ThemePark […]

  8. Excellent theme, thanks!

  9. Jonix Konios says:

    I’ll use this one at my new blog that i’ll lunch next month. It’s simple superb!

  10. Roland says:

    Another very good template for my collection, txs for your time and templates sadish

  11. Ahmad Dzikir says:

    Yes… Excellent theme, thanks. BRAVO

  12. I am currently using the AquaBlue theme on my wordpress blog. Great theme, thanks! I have unfortunately noticed one little nag; When using the widget sidebar, I can not use the akismet widget. The akismet plugin doesn’t show up the right way in the sidebar. I have tried this in several other themes, with no problemes. But in the AquaBlue and AquaGreen theme it doesn’t work correctly. In the AquaFluid theme it works just fine. Is there a way to fix this?

  13. Sadish says:

    can you check one thing for me Michael,

    open up your footer.php and look for <?php wp_footer(); ?> before the closing tag of body.

    if it is not there, then add it.
    if it is there and you are still having issues, let me know.


  14. I modified the footer.php as you described. But it didn’t solve my problem with the akismet plugin. Sorry! Any other suggestions?

  15. Sadish says:

    I think the plugin actually displays the number of comments, but it is just not able to load the background image, so that the text becomes visible.
    I dont have a clue on this, it is better answered by the plugin authors.

  16. Captain_Coke says:

    Thank you for this wonderful theme, I’ve modded it a little bit and it’s exactly what I wanted my weblog to look like ^^

  17. FrankPereiro says:

    Nice theme, I have it running in my blog.

    I just have one problem, though.

    When I use the archive template that comes with the theme, I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function sg_get_recent_posts()

    Do I need a plugin for the page to show properly or something else?


  18. Greg says:

    Thanks for this wonderful theme. Plain and simple. Exactly what I wanted.

  19. […]  忙了好一阵子,更新了模版和插件。目前所用的模版是Dark Theme。其实先前的AquaBlue很清爽,非常不错,但由于是二栏风格,sidebar不好用。修改sidebar上花了不少时间。因为还不懂语言,费了不少神。最简单的操作也浪费了很多时间。但我相信慢慢的成长与积累一定会有收获的。 […]

  20. […] 忙了好一阵子,更新了模版和插件。目前所用的模版是Dark Theme。其实先前的AquaBlue很清爽,非常不错,但由于是二栏风格,sidebar不好用。修改sidebar上花了不少时间。因为还不懂语言,费了不少神。最简单的操作也浪费了很多时间。但我相信慢慢的成长与积累一定会有收获的。 […]