AquaGreen is purely a different style based on our AquaBlue wordpress theme.

AquaGreen Medium Size Screenshot

Its a two-column,Fixed-Width, Widget-Ready wordpress 2.0 theme.

Key Features :

  1. Page Template for Archives Page
  2. Page Template for Contact Page
  3. Automatic Page Navigation
  4. Widgets Plugin Compatible
  5. 404 Not Found Page

It has many more features in the theme, that you can explore once you downloaded the theme.

Live Preview | Download Version 1.2



32 Responses to “AquaGreen”

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  3. KOF says:

    COOL theme i like it good work dude.


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  5. Cojito says:

    love the theme. but is there a trick to getting the archives page to show up on the overhead nav? the photo above shows archives above, and on the sidebar. but the preview only shows sidebar. why?

    i’d rather not have my archives in the sidebar, and only have it in the header. is this possible?

  6. Sadish says:


    just create a new page and on the right side look for the “page template”.
    choose “Archives” for the page template.

    then save the page.

    Then you would have the archives listed in the top nav, and will lead to the archives page.

  7. Dan says:

    Stupid question, but how do I swap out the greenery image in the header for one of my own photos? Thanks again for the great template!

  8. Dan says:

    Duh! 🙂 I figured it out… swap out header.jpg w/ the new image.

  9. Robert says:

    What are the changes between version 1.1 and 1.2?

    I have blogs with version 1.1 all set up and want to know if I can update changing a few of the PHP pages out instead of having to customize everything again.

    Love this theme. Thanks very much.

    😉 Robert

  10. Sadish says:

    Unfortunately I did not keep track of the changes I did for this theme.

    but I am sure it is just some style.css changes / otherwise I would have mentioned it right here what the changes were.


  11. Robert says:

    Thanks, Sadish,

    That’s an easy fix.

    My best 😉 Robert

  12. Robert says:


    This theme goofs up in the Firefox Web browser.

    The right column shifts to the left.

    Any way to fix this because I really like the theme.

    Thanks – Robert

  13. Robert says:

    Let me give you a Web site where it messes up in Firefox for an example:


    This works fine in thed IE browser, but not Firefox.

    What do you think?

    Thanks again, Robert

  14. sadish says:

    First of all, Its not a theme issue.

    Start from here.


  15. Robert says:

    Thanks for the tip, Sadish.

    I shaved 5px off the sidebar and it works fine now.

    😉 Robert

  16. Fi says:

    I’m working on Mac using Firefox and trying to insert a new header image on Aqua Green. I am following the info and previous feedback and it all makes sense, but can’t find a way to swap it in the .css . I am finding only uneditable stylesheet .css.
    Am I being thick?
    : )
    PS A lovely template….

  17. chinasunbo says:

    Thanks for your great template!i will use it as my favorite

  18. Dexte says:

    Thanks for great theme.
    I have one question, is it possible to change it into 3 columns theme ? 🙂

  19. Now this theme is really beautiful and it refrehens my mind every time i look at my blog, thanks and keep up the good work


  20. JerkyBeef says:

    What a great template… i just figured out how to use the templates for the contact form but still good work…

  21. Carole says:

    Hello Sadish,

    Firstly thank you for offering these great templates.

    I am new to blogging and have download Aqua green but the image on the template does not show just the colour nor the image icon for RSS.

    Have I done something wrong.

    Many thanks for your support and guidance


  22. Sadish says:

    did you rename the folder to be “newtheme” or something ? i think the “img” folder inside of it does not have the right permissions .

    Carole and others
    Please post any support related questions at my forums at


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