FallSeason Two Column WordPress Theme

FallSeason – is a two-column, Fluid-Width WordPress Theme, that has a theme options page along with several other features.

It is based on an open source design called ZenLike by NodeThirtyThree.

Its features include, but not limited to,

  • Two Column Fluid Width Theme
  • Sidebar Widget Plugin Compatible
  • Includes a Theme Options Page, where you can go and customize the theme for yourself
  • Support for Asides functionality
  • Provides ability to control the Top Navigation menu
  • Fully supports Tags feature when used with WordPress 2.3
  • Support for Threaded Comments in WordPress 2.7 and above
  • Includes Page Template for creating an “Archives” page
  • Includes Page Template for creating an “Contact” page
  • Includes Page Template for creating an “Links” page

It looks like this.

Live Preview | Download Version 1.4

Enjoy !


82 Responses to “FallSeason Two Column WordPress Theme”

  1. Christopher Chan says:

    Hi Sadish,

    Love this theme !

    Can yoou help me out with a question ? The sidebar has an “about” section that is pulling information from the blog description. But I cannot find out where in the admin section I can update the blog description. Sorry I new to WP !



  2. Sadish says:

    just go to http:// your site/wp-admin/options-general.php and look for the second textbox called “TagLine”

    Thats the one.

  3. Christopher Chan says:

    Thanks Sadish !

  4. Giofilo says:

    Hi, i have installed this beautiful theme.

    But I have a question:
    In the pages the window of comments is open automatically (like in this blog), I will that it is closed like in the home page. What I have to do?

  5. Becky says:

    Hi! I love this theme!

    Can you tell me how to move the stuff that is pulled from the “index.php” file (at the top under the header)? How do I move it?


  6. Sadish says:

    can you be a little bit more clearer ? which content you want to move ? and move to where ?

  7. Christopher Chan says:

    Sorry to intrude on the discussion but can someone help me unsubscribe from this thread ? The unsubscribe URL in the email returns a 404 error.

    Thanks !

  8. Sadish says:

    You should be able to unsubscribe now, using the same link as you get in the email.


  9. Becky says:

    I figured it out! Thanks!!

  10. Christopher Chan says:

    Sadish – thanks !

  11. pekman says:

    Hi, very nice theme. I have put it on my site but unfortunately, none of the pictures show up. How do I fix this? Thanks.

  12. pekman says:

    Ah, I have worked it out. You need to create a folder called “images”, and move all the images into there.

  13. Glen says:

    Hi, Great theme.

    Could you tell me how to stop the dashed underline (I think it’s a border in your css?) to stop appearing under hyper linked images? I’ve got images as buttons and it just doesn’t fit.

  14. Sadish says:


    Even though I can exactly pinpoint where to change in the style.css, I would like you to learn it.

    try looking for “border-bottom” with “dashed” and change it to “solid”


  15. Laurent says:

    Hi, great theme. I love it.

    Sadish, can you help me out with a question ? I would like to know if it’s possible de publish articles on other pages than the “home page”. It would be great because I need it for my own blog.
    Please tell me how to proceed.

    Thanks a lot


  16. Pete Corin says:

    Hi Sadish.

    Nice theme. I’m planning to use it as the basis for a theme upgrade for one of my sites.

    However, I’m going to need it to be more blue based than the current autumn colors, so that will be quite a lot of work (though it shouldn’t be complicated).

    You don’t happen to be working on a blue version?

    Btw, I adopted terrafirma for one of my other sites a month or so ago. We must have very similar tastes in web design.

    Keep up the good work.


  17. Pete Corin says:

    Hi again.
    It actually wasn’t too much work, if anyone’s interested, the blue version is here.

    I don’t know how to make it available, and I’m not sure you’d want it, as there are plenty of customisations that I’ve made.

    Thanks again for the excellent theme Sadish, I’ll go over to wordpress and rate it.


  18. Aditya says:

    Loved this theme, just put it up on my blog.

  19. Timothyb says:

    Can you tell me how to make the asides function work in the sidebar?

  20. stef says:

    at the top of index.php is a fixed post that described your theme – how do i get rid of it? it says its content comes from intro.php but i can not locate that file on my server.


  21. Sadish says:

    you should definitely be able to find intro.php inside the theme folder.

  22. Sadish says:

    timothy, it is not possible to use the asides on the sidebar, without making a lot of changes.

  23. pablo says:

    Sadish, great theme, really love it. Do you know of any way to only display the current months post on the home page?

  24. Sadish says:


    I don’t know how to do that. try the support forums at wordpress.org


  25. pablo says:

    thanks for the reply. I have been there and did get one solution to kinda work. It leaves a MySQL error on the bottom of the page.

    thanks anyway.

  26. Sadish says:


    where is your site located ?

  27. pablo says:

    Its in a protected area on our website and I don’t have the php code running at this point because of the error. If you’re willing to look at it-email me and I can reinstitute the code and provide access.

  28. man says:

    hey there.. cool themes! huhuh
    anyway, i wonder how can i change the main image there.. which is fall_leaves.jpg.. where is it located?

  29. freeinfoz says:

    Wow, a clean cut theme. But i like a 3 column theme. I think im theme crazy now! Never stopped to amaze me.. 🙂

  30. a-giâu says:

    A warm, cosy theme, very nice!

    Incidentally I notice the ‘outer’ block is missing the closing tag (I refer to the version at ThemePark).

  31. Desmond Lee says:

    Looks like my comments are not reaching you sent earlier than post # 30 and 31 🙁 Sorry to trouble you. Thanks for the nice theme anyway.

    PS: email is not valid due to SPAM. Reachable by comment on site if needed. Thanks for understanding!

  32. Chris says:

    Hi Sadish,
    first of all – thanks for the great theme !
    I’ve some problems using this sitemap plugin.
    When ‘aligning left’, the footer looks like this. Aligning center, it looks perfect. Do yo have a solution for this phenomenon ?


  33. carol says:

    Hi Sadish,

    I have the same problem with the Sitemaps plugin and also with Related posts plugin.

    But there’s another question i need to ask you. How do i add a left sidebar to the theme?
    This theme deserves two sidebars.

    I am using this theme for a while and i really like it but i had do modify it a bit according to my color preferences.

  34. Stephan says:

    Hey Sadish:

    Like the theme!

    One question though: sometimes (not all the time) when I add a blog entry, the right navbar will slip down underneath all the blog entries, like it does here: http://thomasboeker.com.

    I’m using the WPG2 plugin to embed a photogallery into the blog. All the other code (except for the footer, which was acting up with the gallery) is pretty much untouched.

    Thanks in advance. Aloha,

  35. precious says:

    i like ur theme keep it up gurl

  36. Michael says:

    I was using Binary Moon’s excellent Regulus theme until I came across this theme in search for a new one. The look is awesome, and customizing it is relatively easy. on a ten point scale I would give this theme a 10/10 for everything it offers.

  37. velia says:

    I can’t seem to locate a page template… when I create a page on the wordpress admin it exists via a link but I can’t find it to edit it (i.e. I need to remove time and date stamp among other things for my “contact” page). Can you explain? Thanks.

  38. Sadish says:


    did you not find a page.php file within the theme folder ?


  39. Educated says:

    Finally found a New Theme…

    Browsing a gallery of 700 something themes was not easy or particularly exciting work, but that’s what it took to give my blog a facelift after almost a year with one theme. I spent some time browsing the gallery at Themebot.com, and came across …

  40. velia says:

    HI: still couldn’t find the “contact” page I created (it only shows on the site)so have downloaded from my site and edited it with Frontpage. Now since I can’t find the original in my theme folder I don’t know where to upload edited file. That page.php file looks like a template, NOT the newly created contact page. can you tell me where to find it?

  41. Beau says:

    Hi Sadish- Thanks for this theme. I love the style. Question: I would like to show various images at the top, in addition to fall_season.jpg. I noted that it (or the columns) ‘break’ at 581 pixels… Can I fit a new, single image accross that space as viewed (I figure it as 1031 pixels across)? Any advice on how to do that? Thanks again!

  42. Sadish says:

    you just create a new image and rename it to be fallseason.jpg

    Upload this new image into the theme’s image folder [replace the existing image] and hit refresh on your site.


  43. Beau says:

    Hi Sadish-
    I tried that- then realized that the image actually is repeated- (and divided) at the 581 pixel length. The fallseason.jpg image is actually repeated to look like one image, but blends nicely because of the leaves. I tried to upload a new image, but it repeats (looks like two of the same images side-by-side). This may be a template restriction based on column requirements? So I was trying to fit a single .jpg image all the way across (1031 pixels) without repeating or being divided at the 581 pixel length. I’m not css smart… but maybe it requires no columns in that template area?
    Thanks for your reply!

  44. Sadish, great theme, really love it.

    But i am getting weird behavior. I use WP 2.05 and using default editor can’t get spacing between paragraphs. I edit raw html put in breaks and paragraphs and still no change. Puting returns in editor wysiwyg also does nothing.

    Is you css formating so severe it won’t allow? THIS IS FRUSTRATING AS HECK.

    I am editing the about page and want to push credit comment futher down on page.

    As an aside, what WP editor do people use. I am having issues with default,Advanced WYSIWYG Editor,and Editor Monkey.

    What do you recommned?

  45. Sadish says:

    Thats very strange Michael.

    lets try this.
    go to your profile page and turn off Rich Editor.
    go back to edit your about page and insert <br/> tags multiple times before the credit area.

    also the link to wpthemepark.com is missing the closing quote. you can also fix it while you are there.

    save it and refresh and see if it works fine.


  46. Solvin says:

    I like to use your beutiful design (Thank You!), but the repeating image on top gives me an headake. I want to give the theme a fixed with, but I dont know how. Can you help me?

  47. Sadish,
    Thanks for response.
    This is just too strange.
    I turned off rich text.

    did nothing.
    Then I put after Biography and it pushes down two spaces(I want one)
    I put before dashes and no effect.

    How are these editord supposed to work?

  48. Michael Klusek says:

    Another bug. There is a category assigned to page “about” which is the default category but no place to edit it in page editor (functional in post editor)

  49. Sadish says:


    About Section Category is a bug with WP and not with the theme.

    You need to encode the html portion of your comment before pasting it.
    anyway, lets do one thing.
    go ahead to http://forums.wpthemes.info and create a new discussion [you dont need to encode there]. We will take it from there.

    the answer to your question is in style.css
    look at the header’s background property and if you see a “repeat-x” thats the one causing it to repeat horizontally. just remove that.


  50. huatlim says:


    how do i edti and make pages drop-down menu tags –there’s not enough space horzontally to fit for the large number of pages i want to create

  51. Simon says:

    Hi Sadish! Thank you so much for this theme, it is beautiful and I would like to use it for my blog.

    Apparently the theme is widget-ready but I can’t find a ‘widget’ button in the usual place on the dashboard.

    Do i need to install something first to get it working?

    Thank you!

  52. Jeff says:

    Hi! I would like to say congrats about the theme. It is very nice! But I am having some problems when trying to install it with WordPress 2.06. Anytime I try to open any permanent link, I get the “Not found” error. I am using PHP 5 + MySQL 5.0.26. I am just having this problem with this theme in special.

    Thanks in advance!

  53. Jeff says:

    Not needed help anymore! Already sorted out the problem. Thanks!

  54. Jeff says:

    To solve this problem you have to change these bits at single.php and page.php:

    In the line where you have:
    if ($posts) { foreach($posts as $post)
    { start_wp();

    Change to something like:
    while(have_posts()) {

  55. Sandy says:

    Hi Sadish

    I try to have the intro.php thing on my homepage blog but I don’t manage to do it. Nothing appears.

    Though I’ve written the line :

    right after
    in my index.php file and I made a copy of the intro.php page in my theme folder.

    May you help me?
    Thanks !

  56. Sandy says:

    damn !

    the code does not appear in my previous post !

    “Though I’ve written the line :
    the php code include_once(TEMPLATEPATH.’/intro.php”

  57. Kris says:

    Very nice theme. Great Work. What would be required to make this a fixed width theme?

  58. David says:

    hi Sadish,

    I’m a happy user of this great theme. Today, I installed the Share This plug-in. It works fine with the default theme, but not with FallSeason. Here is the url for it:

    Can you suggest a way to make this work with FallSeason? Thanks so much.

  59. Sadish says:

    open up the footer.php and move
    <?php wp_footer(); ?> to be after the </div> and just before the closing </body> tag.
    your plugin will work normally.

    Sandy, I don’t know what is causing the problem with your intro.php.

    Simon, if you go to the plugins page and enable sidebar widgets plugin, then you should see the sidebar widgets option under presentation.


  60. David says:

    Sadish – You’re terrific. The fix worked beautifully.

  61. Solvin says:

    Hello Sadish, I still cant find how to make fallSeason a fixed with theme. Please help us!

  62. velia says:

    Hi: I have created a new page template. (I need a page without a side bar to fit my amazon store; this new page will replace the current “shop” page). I see it listed in my theme folder but there is no “drop down” list on the create page admin page in wp. How can I utilize the new template?

  63. Sadish –

    Hey, thanks for this theme. (Guess what – NO questions!) Just thought that you may like to see my customisation of it – I have changed the North American fall theme to an Australian Eucaplyptus theme – see http://delarue.net/. Some of my changes are a bit kludged (new to WordPress and PHP), but it now seems to work pretty much how I want it to.

  64. David says:

    My wife complains that when she uses IE 6 at work and leaves a comment on a post, the comment box expands to fill the full width and is partially hidden beneath the sidebar.

    Is there a CSS fix for this? Or some other remedy? Thanks much.

  65. Iskwew says:

    There is a problem when writing comments in the fallseason theme. If you use Internet explorer 6 the comment does not get wrapped, and you write outside of the pane. Also, in IE it does not properly place line-shift etc., you have to manually write html code for it to shift line.

    I think this is a really beautiful theme, but unfortunately since a majority of my commenters are IE-users, it will be difficult to use.

    Do you have any solutions to this problem?


  66. Iskwew says:

    Right. We have the same problem, David.

  67. AJ Jack says:

    Hi Sadish,

    I want to a folding menu for categories. So far I have tried using
    the webspace works fold page list http://www.webspaceworks.com/resources/wordpress/30/
    and also the fold page menus
    but neither seem to work for me.
    I am editing the sidebar.php file in the fallseason folder. Is this correct?
    Have you tried any folding menus in your theme?


  68. AJ Jack says:

    Found the problem.
    Using sidebar widgets I have to edit the pages section of widgets.php.
    Tricky! But glad I found it.


  69. Ada says:

    Hi. Thanks for this lovely theme. I fiddled around with it a little. I included the intro on all my templates and filled it with links to the most popular articles on my blog. I’d like it to take up about 60% of the width of the screen and for the sidebar to move up under the header. Could you kindly advise me if you can? Have gone back to misty look while I figure things out. Keep up the good work.

  70. Velia Pola says:

    Ada: If you have heard back regarding your above reuqest I would love to know as well for my own site. Also, how did you find a way to vary the intro info for each page or did you mean you show the same blurb on each, just with lots of links? Thanks for letting me pick your brain, I love the theme and have customized some myself but don’t know enough to do all I’d like to do!

  71. David says:

    No white space between paragraphs in comments:

    All the comments in my blog had this problem despite inserting paragraph and break tags in the html. I googled the problem and found a thread on wordpress.org that lead me to a fix, although I still don’t know why it was happening.

    Here’s what to do:
    Edit style.css. Find the section dealing with comments (search for “/*comments and their styles */”).

    Add this style
    .commentlist li p
    margin:0 1em 1em;

    This adds some white space after each paragraph in a comment.

    Sadish – any idea why this was necessary?

  72. Iskwew says:

    Thanks for the fix, David.

    The biggest problem is the fact that i doesn’t work for commenting in IE.

    Let me know if anyone comes up with a fix for that.

  73. Velia Pola says:

    Anyone else having a problem with links showing (actually, NOT showing!) in IE6? Many of my links disappear in IE6 but not 7… also, the entire blog disappears in OSX on a Mac! Any fixes???? I REALLY love this theme and can’t imagine another as nice but really need to know it displays (somewhat) properly in different browsers.

  74. Beau says:

    Hi Sadish- I’ve really made the Fall Season theme useful for my site (foxhavenjournal.com); It works so well with WP 2.1, plugins, etc. and does everything I need. My only question is that some users/computers report the sidebar drops under the content. I’ve seen it on one of my computers, and cannot fix it, but oddly, it works fine for display on my laptop. Is this an IE6 issue? If so, does anyone have any ideas how to correct?
    Thanks again for a terrific theme… the more themes I’ve seen, the more I appreciate the time that was put in to designing this one.

  75. David says:

    Iskwew – With my fix, IE 6 and IE 7 comments do display the paragraphs properly at least on my wife’s PC running Win XP.

    Velia – I use a Mac with OS X and have no problems with my blog using this theme and running both Firefox 2 and Safari

    Beau — this is a common problem not just for this theme. Search the forums at WP ThemePark and I’m sure you’ll find a post about how to fix this.

  76. Iskwew says:

    Yes, David, but did it solve the problem with the comments expanding out of the comment box, and under the sidebar?

    I don’t have IE6 available, so I can’t check.

  77. Iskwew says:

    I did solve the problem in IE, it seems. Thanks, David!

  78. Mark says:

    hi will this work with wordpress 2.1

    i currently use 2.05

  79. pinkpanther says:

    A quick question-general.How do you change to a full width page?
    So it uses entire screen

  80. Sadish says:

    I am going to close down the comments on this entry. Anyone who needs support on this theme, can go to http://wprocks.com/forums/ and post a new discussion.

    Remember to include your website URL there.


  81. […] es bis zum geht nicht mehr (ok, für Optimierungen ist in der hier normalerweise werkelnden Fallseason-abwandlung immer noch jede Menge Platz), freut sich, dass alles so schön klappt, lehnt sich […]