From the moment I saw this open source template, “Intense Simplicity“, I wanted to make it to a wordpress theme.

The designer, sofaspud has taken a lot of care and attention in building this template. He also provided 3 additional header images.

I started making it into a wordpress theme and thought I would make use of all the header images.
I just made the theme to display a random header image(from the 4 images included within the theme), each time you load a page.

Take a look at the screenshot below,
Key Features :

  1. Page Template for Archives Page
  2. Page Template for Contact Page with SPAM protection
  3. Page Template for Favorites / Links Page
  4. Support for Tags in WordPress 2.3 or above
  5. Support for Threaded Comments in WordPress 2.7 and above
  6. Automatic Page Navigation
  7. Author Page
  8. Widgets Plugin Compatible
  9. 404 Not Found Page

It has many more features in the theme, that you can explore in the readme.html file included in the zip file.

Please take a look at the live preview or download it [version 2.1] and try it on your site.

Support for this theme and other themes by Sadish, is available at the Forums !


22 Responses to “Intense”

  1. turgan says:

    hello! I just started using this theem at

    I love the box around thumbnails! this exactly what I have been looking for in a theme.

    I also did donate for Gavin. The -online donation- link was hard to notice so I thought I should post here:

    Donation Link

    best wishes in the new year.
    turgan savas

  2. Sadish says:

    Thanks a million turgan.

    Thats exactly what I wanted to happen.

    You are great !


  3. Scott says:

    Sadish, I have been working with thise theme and it seems to have a lot of the features I have been looking for. Is there a way to disable the random image generator for the header?

  4. Sadish says:


    you can try this.
    look at this line in the header.php
    <div id=”header” class=”header<?php echo mt_rand(1, 4);?>”>

    and make it
    <div id=”header” class=”header1″>

    It will always display the same image everytime.


  5. turgan says:

    Hi Sadish,

    I have 20 or so header images.

    I changed all their sizes too…

    is it ok if i just change the code from
    mt_rand(1, 4)
    mt_rand(1, 20) ?

    thanks again,

  6. Sadish says:

    Yes. you also have to edit the style.css to define header1 to header20.


  7. Speed-Freak says:

    Greetings Sadish.

    I got your version of Intense and am trying to modify it to be 900px fixed with with content fixed to 850px. I have been able to adjust all width settings except for the contentbg.gif. My HTML/PHP knowledge is very basic and I cannot find how to increase the width of the white center.
    Can you please help me add in a new width?


  8. Speed-Freak says:

    After banging my head on a table it came to me…
    Set the background color on the elements. So yes, I was able to get the layout how I want. No need to trouble yourself.

  9. narrowband says:

    Hello Sadish. Been using your theme for about a month now. Great work!

  10. PapaMatt says:

    Wonderful theme, it’s working great for us! I’m still trying to get a few things worked out better though and I’m not sure how to do it. When we make a long post, it can take up most of the page. Is there a way to only show a small part of the post and then have users click a link to read the rest of the post? Please let me know and Thanks for a great theme!

  11. PapaMatt says:

    OK, DUH on my part! I figured that one out… 🙂

    Sadish, if you or anyone has a chance, can you tell me how I could organize the bottom of my page better? Every time I try to move the links around, it gets messier and I’m pretty lost. Thanks in advance!

  12. Chris says:

    Hi Sadish

    I’m trying to figure out how to change the width of your theme. I want to keep the sidebar the same width and increase the content width to 900 pixels (including the sidebar).

    How do I do this? I managed to change the size of the content box but I can’t get the white background to change size and it looks stupid! If you could help me out it would be great.


  13. Kulit says:

    I love this theme and I’m using it on my site. I’m just wondering if I could get help with adding gravatars on the comments. Thanks!

  14. Vincent says:


    This is a fantastic theme. I spent hours searching through themes to find the perfect fit for one of my blogs, and after several “just doesn’t do it” these theme settled perfectly into the blog. Kudos to you!

    I have one technical question. I’ve noticed on my blog, the demo blog, and some other blogs that when someone leaves a comment, the first line breaks early. I’m not too familiar with HTML or PHP, and I was wondering if there was a simple solution to this, like throwing a somewhere.

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the great wordpress work!

  15. Leo says:

    Hi Sadish!

    I’ve disided to use your intense theme. I like it and I try to customize the theme, but I have a problem with the footer. The footer is higher in IE6 as in FF and I can’t find in the style.css why!

    Thanks when you can help me!
    With best regards

  16. Jakob says:

    Hey Sadish. Very nice looking theme!

    The css that is supposed to create framed images doesn’t work 100 % in IE7 or FF1.5 under WXP SP2. Only the bottom and right frame border is shown.

    Also, in new browsers, you get a vertical scollbar in the browser window even when there’s no content outside the window.

  17. David says:

    Hi, I happened to be subscribed to this comments-update and would like to share my two cents’ worth. I have been using the theme for more than 4 months and am loving it.

    The CSS for the framed images is meant to provide shadows for only the right and bottom edges. It’s intentional, as defined in the stylesheet.

    The horizontal (yes, horizontal, for me) scrollbar issue, however, is prevalent and I’m experiencing it. A horizontal scrollbar exists whenever I’m using IE6 and 7, but in Firefox it’s there isn’t any. That said, it’s no big deal and doesn’t affect the xhtml/css validity.

  18. Jakob says:

    Hello David, thank you for answering!

    Yes, but the CSS is ALSO meant to provide a 1px solid grey border-top and border-left as defined in the stylesheet:

    img {
    background:url(img/shadow.gif) no-repeat right bottom;
    padding:4px 10px 10px 4px;
    border-top:#eee 1px solid;
    border-left:#eee 1px solid;

    And that doesn’t work for me in IE7 and FF1.5. Only in IE6 🙁

    The scrollbar is HORIZONTAL, yes, you are right. Sorry! English is not my native language 🙁

  19. David says:

    The img/shadow.gif file is meant to show for bottom, as well as right edges. No left and no top. It’s a pretty nice shadow effect with a grey gradient. That’s pretty obvious.

    The not-so-obvious one is the 1px solid line. One pixel is very fine, and in addition, #eee is a colour that is very light. You may not be able to see it clearly, but it is there. And it is at the top, as well as the left edges of every image.

  20. Jakob says:

    Hey David, thanks again!

    Yes, shadow.gif works fine in all browsers (and it looks very nice, indeed). It’s the 1px solid #eee I have problems with. At first I thought it was my monitor. However, my monitor can easily display a line of 1px #eee color on a white background in other situations (I’ve just made a few tests with both css and Photoshop).

    David, thank you for your answers so far. I’ll now try to modify the CSS so I can get it to work…

    Best regards!

  21. Mark says:

    We absolutely love this theme. But we have a small problem. When looking at a category with many entries (News for example), you are unable to click on the ‘Next Page’ link at the bottom of the page without losing the category. Give it a try, follow these steps:

    1) Go to the News Category (find link on the right).
    2) Scroll to bottom of page and click the ‘Next Page’ link.
    3) Notice now that the category you are looking at is no longer news, but appears to be unsorted.

    Thank you for any insight.

  22. Sadish says:

    Mark, I believe your problem is something to do with the way Permalinks are set.

    look at the permalink on first landing on a category page and then the next page link.

    i think you can try a different Permalink option and see if it solves the issue.

    Please post any further responses to