TerraFirma is the wordpress theme, based on an open source design by nodethirtythree.

TerraFirma Medium Size Screenshot

Its a two-column,Fixed-Width, Widget-Ready wordpress 2.0 theme.

Key Features :

  1. Includes a Theme Options Page that allows you to
    a) specify the pages to be excluded from the top navigation
    b) specify how those pages should be listed. alphabetically or by order number or by the date of creation
    c) Specify the category for “Asides / Quick Bits”.
  2. Page Template for Archives Page
  3. Page Template for Contact Page
  4. Page Template for Links Page
  5. Support for “Tags” for WordPress 2.3 and above
  6. Support for “Multi Threaded Comments” for WordPress 2.7 and above
  7. Automatic Page Navigation
  8. Widgets Plugin Compatible
  9. 404 Not Found Page

It has many more features in the theme, that you can explore once you download it.

Live Preview | Download Version 3.6

Enjoy !


82 Responses to “TerraFirma”

  1. Ken Wong says:

    It’s a very cool theme.


  2. TechZ says:

    Nice work, it’s a clean design.

  3. WP Theme: TerraFirma…

    WP Theme: TerraFirma Two column, light theme for WordPress that looks very well organized with larger blog posts. Green and orange header colors. Thanks Sadish

    Original post by Mark and software by Elliott Back

  4. Ben says:

    Very nice design mate.

  5. RLM says:

    Cute. I may use this theme in a future project.

  6. Mario says:

    Great work!

    Can I use and redesign this theme? I can’t find any information about the terms of use (only for private use?).


  7. Sadish says:


    You can redesign it as you like…

    but when you are releasing your version, it should keep the credits in the footer intact. Thats All.


  8. Sadish says:

    check out the new version (version 3.0) with the theme options page, released today.

  9. Hassan says:

    Very advanced and nice theme. thanks for the V3 of this theme. keep rolling!

  10. Hassan says:

    “Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENDIF in F:wamp-serverwwwwordpresswp-contentthemesterrafirmasidebar.php on line 59”

    how would i fix it!

  11. Sadish says:

    did you modify anything on the sidebar.php file ?


  12. Rita says:

    Why haven’t you included an RSS feed in your footer or sidebar for this theme? Could that be added, and if so, how?


  13. Sadish says:


    the theme now has the link to the feeds in the sidebar. Thanks for reporting it.


  14. Louis says:

    What would I need to add in the CSS to add padding or margins to images contained within blog posts or page content?

  15. Sadish says:


    There is nothing you need to add to the style.css.

    just open up the post, and add class=”left” or class=”right” to the ‘img’ tag within the post.

    if you have WYSIWYG editor within wordpress, click on ‘xhtml’ button at the top, to see the actual source that will show the img tag.

    if you want to get that image on the leftside, add class=”left” or class=”right” for putting the image on the right side. the text will flow around it.


  16. Louis says:

    I’ve got the left and right positioning – my question is about padding. I want to add padding or hspace / vspace around the pic. That’s what I meant….

  17. Rita says:

    Is there any easy way to install TerraFirma 3.1 update over TerraFirma 2.0 without losing all my modifications to the theme files? Maybe you could specify what the changes are at the top of each modified theme file so I could copy those into my existing files that are now customized?

    If I knew what the changes were, I might be able to manually copy over the required files for the update.

    I would hate to have to start over from the beginning in order to get the updates I need. Help!


  18. Sadish says:


    Most of the changes are done in the functions.php , style.css and in contact.php

    I do not keep track of the individual changes yet.


  19. Sadish says:

    and I forgot to mention, there are changes in index.php and header.php too.
    Selective upgrading is not intended to work for good for everyone.

    Its always the best to get the latest version of the theme installed and then bring in your changes.


  20. Mel says:

    Great theme – thanks, Sadish. Two issues …

    1. I copied all my posts to it from blogger etc. when posting direct the formatting doesn’t display on the home page although it does on the individual post page. Not sure what I’ve done there.

    2. How do we invoke the archive, links and comments page and 404 etc? they don’t show in Presentation/Terrafirms options.

    Am running V3.1 on WP2

  21. Sadish says:


    I think those posts are treated as “asides”. thats why they are displayed with no formatting.

    try to go to TerraFirma Options page and see if that category (personal development) is set to be an Asides category. if yes, then change the dropdown to choose ‘not selected’

    you should be ok. else report back.


  22. Sadish says:

    to answer the second question, they are the pages used by wordpress to handle user’s requests.
    say for example, if the user clicks on the “october 2006” monthly archive link from the sidebar, then archive.php will be invoked and similarly if a user typed some link that does not exist in our site, then 404.php will be invoked.

    the pages you create, using wp-admin/ Write / Page , are the pages that you want to display to the users. like an about page, contact page etc.
    these will be controlled by terrafirma options page.


  23. Mel says:

    You were right – it was set up as asides – now fixed! Dead easy – thanks.

    Thanks for your patience with newbies.

  24. prajakala says:

    Hi! Thanks for the cool design, I modified it a little bit and am using it for my site. I noticed that the whenever I take my cursor onto the links in the footer, the footer is sliding aside. Is there any way we could fix this. Waiting for your response. Thank you.

  25. Rita says:

    For the most recent version of TerraFirma, it appears to me that on the Theme Options page, the feature where you can …

    Specify how those pages should be listed. alphabetically ? by order number ? or the date of creation ?

    … is not working right. I’ve got four pages, all with order numbers 1-4, and the theme is not placing them in correct order.

    Sadish, you have a login established if you want to go in and look at it…

  26. Sadish says:

    I tried your site yesterday it didnt work.

    try validating your site at http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fprajakala.org and see if that helps with your problem.

    Rita, I will take a look at that, use the ‘contact’ page that you can find in the top navigation of this website and send me an email.


  27. Gary Sheehan says:


    Great theme. I’ve modified it quite a bit (but kept credits at the bottom). The site is garysheehan.com

    I’ve noticed in IE 6.0 that Justify text doesn’t work well with an image in-line with the text. Essentially, the first line is ended prematurely (or the text does not expand enough). It works fine in Firefox. Any ideas why?

    Also, in Firefox, when going from Home to another page (other than About), the page jumps about 5 pixels to the right. It does not do this in IE.

    Thanks for the great theme!


  28. prajakala says:

    Hi Sadish,

    I am sorry my site was down yesterday. My site had validation errors, it was because of a plugin, once I deactivated that plugin, my site is validated.

    But my problem is with the footer, as I said whenever I take my cursor onto the links in the footer, the footer is sliding aside. In fact you need not test it in my site, it’s the same in your page too. http://try.wpthemepark.com/
    Just point the cursor on the terrafirma link or wordpress theme link in the footer and you can see how the footer behaves. Looking for a solution from you. Thank you.

  29. Sadish says:


    thanks for reporting it. I fixed it and updated the version 3.3

    Please get the latest version, you will be ok.


  30. prajakala says:

    Thanks a lot for the quick response Sadish,

    I’m an amateur in CSS & PHP. I customized the site by trial & error method (it took me around 3 days to do it). The bad news is I have no track of my customizations.

    Could you tell me a simple way I can implement the fix instead of upgrading to the latest version.

    Appreciate it.

  31. Let me also add my compliments for a nicely done theme, I’m using a modified edition on my site: terra.incognita.ws.

    And an additional thanks for keeping the theme updated and tracking changes. I modified the index, sidebar, footer, and header a bit, and don’t relish the thought of going to redo all changes with each update.

  32. prajakala says:


    I copied and pasted the css for the footer in the theme css I installed from the latest version and it worked. Thank you.

  33. Eugen says:

    hmm, great, added to my WordPress theme collection 😉 Thanks 🙂

  34. jborja says:

    Hi node33, This theme is very nice, I might use it for my blog for the SEO contest. Great Job.

  35. ciko says:

    Hassan on comment#13 write:

    “Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENDIF in F:wamp-serverwwwwordpresswp-contentthemesterrafirmasidebar.php on line 59
    how would i fix it!”

    I think the problem is in sidebar.php, on line 13:

    we have: <? } ;>

    try replace with:
    <?php } ;>
    should be fine, or at least for me works! 😉

    Thank you Sadish for this great theme!

  36. Just wanted to say thank you for converting my design to WP. You did an excellent job, Sadish 🙂

  37. Sadish says:

    Thanks nodethirtythree, for a great design and for coming over here to share your thoughts.

  38. Vee says:

    Cool design. Thanks. Will try it later. Just added in my themes collection.

  39. Young says:

    Very cool, I love it!

  40. Young says:

    I wrote something into the ‘About’ page. However, when I visited my website and clicked the ‘About’, the browser returned that the About document wasn’t found in the server. What’s going wrong and how to solve the problem? I’ll be most grateful if you could give me a clue. Many thanks!

  41. Sadish says:

    Try changing the options for Permalinks to be the default option and see if that solves the issue.

    It is here : walkwithyou.cn/wp-admin/options-permalink.php


  42. Young says:

    Dear Sadish, your kind reply may have hit the point. I notice that the permalinks don’t work well due to the Apache mod_rewrite module. I am trying to fix the problem. Thank you for your great theme again and best wishes.

  43. Nader says:

    Thanks again for this beautiful theme.

    I’m trying to ad some google ads under every post but what ever I do in the index.php file nothing appears on the blog, why ?

  44. Nader says:

    After a few more houres … it’s working now ! Beautiful Theme !!!

  45. excellent theme… been playing wit it for a couple of weeks… hope u can take a look… http://culturatecate.com

    is it widget ready+ i know it says so, i just can/t find how.

    greetings from mexico


  46. Sadish says:


    once you activated the sidebar widgets plugin, you would see a new option under the presentation option called “sidebar widgets”.

  47. Ernani Sandino says:

    Hello, my site http://www.xiscando.com . I want a smaller font on the posts. How can i do that?


  48. Sadish says:


    try to add this to the end of the style.css

    .post p {

  49. Ernani Sandino says:

    Thanks Sadish!
    You r the best!! =D

  50. Ernani Sandino says:

    More questions,
    I want to change my profile , just like this picture http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/2707/sadishtd2.jpg

    and add more profiles !


  51. Dear Sadish, this is a great theme – thanks very much. I have installed and modified it successfully at one site, but when I installed it at http://www.library.ie/blog2/ I get this error:
    Parse error: parse error in /www/www.library.ie/blog2/wp-content/themes/terrafirma/sidebar.php on line 59
    Any ideas?

    Cheers, Brendan Teeling

  52. Sadish says:

    I am not sure why it would fail on one server.

    check if they have a different version of PHP installed on the server ?


  53. Hello Sadish, I have a new question. Terra Firma has two top images, I want to modify, so i can have only one. How can i enlarge the space to the TOP image?


    Ernani Sandino

  54. David Evans says:

    I would like to have the right sidebar be about 260 pixels wide, to hold two columns of information, one with vertical banner ads and the other with menu items. What exactly do I change to 240px in the CSS to achieve this that works across most browsers? I can probably get it 240 pixels wide, but want to make sure the new width works an d not just on my Mac. Thanks, great theme!

  55. Ernani Sandino says:

    Sadish are you there? =D
    Still waiting!

    Thanks !

  56. Sadish says:


    I tried to do what you wanted, on my test install, and it seems it is more work that I cannot write it down over an email. I will work on it when I get some free time, and if I come up with something I will post here.

    If you wanted a third column, you are introducing another complication to the layout.
    If you really need 3 columns, you would be better off, using a 3 column theme as your starting point.

  57. David Evans says:

    I don’t mean three columns, I can float content left and right in the existing right column. I want to increase with width of the right colum to 260 pixels which shouldn’t be too complicated. My concern is that the container div’s for both columns need to change as well and I’m not sure what needs to be edited to reflect the new column widths.

    See http://www.techcrunch.com/ for an example of what I mean to do.

  58. David Evans says:

    Another question. Terrafirma keeps on resetting back to the default 2.05 theme. This started yesterday. There is a small chance it could be from my host’s grid server which has a distributed database but I’m trying to figure out if there is any reason why terrafirma would arbitrarily reset back to the default? I have a tons of plugins but none that would make the theme change.

  59. Sadish says:


    Resetting back to the default theme, is nothing to do with the theme. it happens because of wordpress and see this page for more.


  60. David Evans says:

    Turns out it was the wp-mobile plugin. I didn’t install the theme component of the plugin, which WP didn’t like, so it reset to default theme every time someone visited my blog with a phone or PDA.

    I’m still wondering about which CSS elements need to be edited to make the right sidebar twice as wide as it is now. Any help greatly appreciated.

  61. ira says:

    is it possible to place advertisements in the left and right margins? where would i add code for such a thing? i am new to dreamweaver and also use seamonkey.

    thanks… and fyi, still learning.


  62. ira says:

    is it possible to place advertisements in the left and right margins of the terrafirma template, both in wordpress as well as in a website? where would i add code for such a thing? i am new to dreamweaver and also use seamonkey.

    thanks… and fyi, still learning.


  63. ira says:


    i really like the theme. have a couple of questions… i am using it for both a website, as well as with wordpress. if you go to http://www.irakoplowitz.com you will see that the headers, HOME, BLOG, etc. only have a white block over the lettering when the mouse is placed over them. at http://www.irakoplowitz.com/applications/wordpress the HOME, BLOG etc have the white block to start. how can i get the blog to look the same way as the homepage?

    also, the title and blog info lettering are different on the two sites. is there a way to make them the same.


  64. Sadish says:

    the one applications/wordpress has all the navigation links with a class “current_page_item”. is it something you put / the system generated it this way. ?

  65. ira says:


    deleting the “current_page_item” sorted the problem out.

    the font seems to be the same as well. awesome.

    of course, a new set of problems has arrived. from http://www.irakoplowitz.com i can access the GALLERY icon, but from the blog, http://www.irakoplowitz.com/applications/wordpress i cannot. i’ve tried re-writing the code, but cannot figure out why it won’t link to http://www.irakoplowitz.com/gallery/markets/index.html

    thanks for the quick reply.


  66. thinchhia says:

    hi sadish im from india.i am from bogspot and want to switch to wordpress.and im trying one of your theme but i could not find where to edit the theme in my adm tool.give me solution to my email.

  67. ira says:


    two questions.

    1. I want to link into my website from the Pages section in my terrafirma blog. how do I go about getting the links into the Pages sidebar nav? or do i use the links nave? if so, what type of code do i use?

    2. Is it possible to utilize the left and right margins for small photos and animated gif’s about other aspects of the site? if so, how do I go about adding images and the like to those columns?

    thanks for the help. I love the design.


  68. spekvriend says:


    I downloaded terrafirma 3.3, and created some pages. There’s one page that I don’t want to put in the main menu, but I want a summary in the sidebar with a “continue reading” message. Can you tell me how I do that?

    In your introduction you mentioned you can excluded pages from the main navigation. But I don’t seem to have that function…


  69. Sadish says:

    spekvriend ,

    look at the theme options page, under the “Presentation” menu.

    That should help.

    [This version is only for wordpress 2.0. series]

  70. eric says:

    Hi Sadish,
    I have upgraded to WP 2.1 and now on the sidebar of my site…it is displaying “There are 54 posts and 13 comments.” Since the upgrade it looks like it’s including 7 extra posts in this total (as there are really 47 posts). The extra posts are actually pages and have somehow gotten included in the total. Do you know how I can set it to display the actual posts again without including the pages?

    Thank you,

    P.S. I love this theme…check out my site when you get a sec to see what I’ve done with it. :P)

  71. Sadish says:

    WP 2.1 uses the same table for storing posts / pages.

    i will fix it in the next update.


  72. eric says:

    Thanks Sadish…wow, updating the theme is going to take some time for me. But I’ll give it a try when you release the next version. Thanks again, glad to know there wasn’t something wrong with my WP install.


  73. spekvriend says:

    Thanks for your reply Sadish!

    I already found out that the exclude-option only is shown when using WP 2.0 and not when using WP 2.1.

    Any idea when to expect an update?


  74. eric says:

    It’s interesting, when I log into the wp-admin…the dashboard shows the correct number of posts (47) under “blog stats.” Just thought I would share that.

    Thanks again,

  75. xen ix says:

    I like the theme so much I’m considering using it instead of my own tweaked Blix theme.

    @ spekvriend

    The page problem can be fixed by editing the functions.php.
    Don’t like to blow my own horn like this, but I’ve written a short explanation here: http://info-ninja.net/blog/2007/01/31/quick-fix-wordpress-21-navigation-problem/

  76. Thanks for designing wonderful themes. You are very creative and talented guy 😉

  77. Sadish says:

    Comments on this entry is now closed.

    Please visit http://wprocks.com/forums/ if you need support with this theme.


  78. A free, handsome theme….

    Hari ini cari wordpress theme yang widget-ready. Saya kemudian menemukan theme ini.
    Ternyata ada juga theme yang handsome and free.
    Jadi terinspirasi.
    Have a nice day…!