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July 9th, 2007

How to properly hide the title of your blog?

This is one of the most common customizations that people want to do in their wordpress blog. They want to hide their site’s title from displaying at their header. It is most probably because their header image already has it as part of the image itself. Lets take a look at the most common approaches […]

September 18th, 2006

Font Sizes and Accessibility

Lets take a closer look at the font-size property in CSS. You might have seen this following piece of code in some theme’s style.css file. #content h2 { font-size:1.4em;} or this #content h2 { font-size:14px;} or this #content h2 { font-size:10pt;} What is the difference between all of these ? which one is better ? […]

August 23rd, 2006

Remember to Love / Hate Links

Ever wondered how to define styles for Hyperlinks ? Well. There are four different selectors for a hyperlink. You would normally see this at the top of the stylesheet. a:link {text-decoration:none;color:#ff0000} a:visited {text-decoration:none;color:#0000ff;} a:hover {text-decoration:underline;} a:active {text-decoration:underline;} The first line defines that normal unvisited links will have ‘no underline’, and will look ‘red’ in color. […]